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Jurassica Guided Tour

Red markers = swim location. Please click on the different views from each swim to get a further look into Jurassica.

Swim 1
Channel island swim, with overhanging trees, lillies and reserve. Casting range 1 to 75m.
View from swim

Swim 2
Open water, with lillies sand bars and over hanging marginal features. Casting range 1 to 50m.
View from swim

Swim 3
Has 2 islands, with 3 different channel, sand bars and loads of marginal features. Casting rage 1 to 90m
View from swim

Swim 4
With more trees and overhanging features this swim is close range fishing at it best.
Casting range 1 to 40m
View from swim

Swim 5
Has the reserve to the right, sand bars, a plato plus the island margin. Casting range 1 to 95m
View from swim

Swim 6 (Loggers)
Has a bay to its left, in open water there is a plateau followed by the island. Casting range 1 to 100m+
View from swim
Swim 7
Centre dam - has three difference islands plus the reserve channel. Casting range from 1 to 100+m
View from swim

Swim 8
Corner dam. At over 2.5m deep in places there is a island with overhanging trees & scrubs, this is a deep water swim. Casting range 1 to 90m.
View from swim
Swim 9
Has deep margins with a 3m wide bar in places, from the bank to the island. Also has a bay to the right. Casting range 1 to 70m.
View from swim

Swim 10
Open water with rolling sand bars and lilly beds. Plus the back channel of the islands.
Casting range 1 to 100m
View from swim
Swim 11
Marginal weed bed, lillies, the old stream bed and island make this a truly unique swim.
Casting range 1 to 70m.
View from swim

Swim 12
With 2 islands, lillies, overhanging trees on the far margin and the entrances to the reserve.
Casting range 1 to 95m.
View from swim


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